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Life is usually predictable.

When something is totally out of the ordinary we notice it.


Life experiences usually conform to a pattern.

When something doesn't fit that pattern we notice it.


Life conforms to probability expectations..

When something improbable happens we notice it.

Life has us acting in character.

When we act 'out of character' others notice it.


during the course of our lives

it is not totally unusual for us to come face-to-face

with an unpredictable, unexpected and improbable experience; a situation or or combination of events which seemingly defy logic and which, on the basis of probability, really shouldn't stack up.

More than coincidence  is a gathering-together of life-moments;

all of which definitely  fall into the "What are the odds" category.

They are all 'highly improbable' and prompt the exclamation,

"Wow! I don't believe it..."

More than coincidence consequential life-moments fall into 4 categories:

  1. Historical life-moments dating pre-1800

  2. Recent history life-moments dating from the 1800s

  3. More recent history life-moments dating from the 1900s

  4. Contemporary life-moments dating from 2000


Present-day members of the public are invited to submit historical and contemporary life-moments that they personally have an association with. Because of the prevalence of family myths and the overall inaccuracy of stories passed down through generations any supportive evidence is appreciated. This could include: personal diaries, press clippings, statutory declarations, photographs, birth/death or other certificates and corroborative comments by others which confirm, give support to or document your life-moment.

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