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                   Did that really happen?


There are moments when we just have to ask, "Wow! Did that really happen?


 It is a fact of life, highly unexplainable, highly improbable things do occur... 


 I genuinely believe strange "impossible" events do occur...



That doesn't mean we don't ask questions:~ 

  • How do we know there isn't a perfectly rational, totally-logical explanation, one that is unknown to us, for the bizarre event that has occurred.

  • How do we know that probability alone, despite odds being so small, doesn't allow for the bizarre event that has amazed us.





  • How do we know that the line between fact and fiction, for any number of reasons, hasn't been blurred so as to explain the bizarre event that has amazed us.

  • How do we know, as Dr. Julia Shaw might suggest, that misremembering hasn't occurred, i.e. when we add pieces of fiction into our memories about things that never happened, thus adding to, or altering, the features that make up the bizarre event that has amazed us. 









  • How do we know the philosopher might not be correct, when he/she asks,

-  If everything is possible, is it possible for something to be impossible?

-  If something is improbable... is it impossible / ... it must be possible?

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The Myth of Rational Thinking


This site is about

the improbability of life ~

through the exploration of consequential life-moments....


While I accept people may confuse imagination and memory ~

with many of our childhood memories being a consequence of family mythology, i.e. when we take on board 'stories' told to us by siblings, parents and others, and which,  in our enthusiasm for retrieving childhood memories, are inadvertently interwoven into our personal 'factual' history.


Consequential life-moments, as referred to on this site, are:

  • Firstly, the subject of reasoned self-examination of facts    pertaining to a specific occurrence or situation as, or shortly after, it has occurred.

  • Secondly, as in the case of historical life-moments, a result of a more retrospective observation by others; one which better appreciates the situation as viewed in hindsight.

 Historical Consequential life-moments are grouped into categories:

  1. Historical life-moments dating pre-1800.

  2. Life-moments dating from the 1800s.

  3. More recent life-moments dating from the 1900s.

  4. Contemporary life-moments dating from 2000 including those detailed by present-day members of the public.  

Where possible sources are cited with links to relevant sites.

Respondents submitting contemporary consequential life-moments will be cited in both the Blog and Contemporary Life-moments.

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