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Synchronicityalways a big part of my life...

About   More than coincidence

Join me in exploring it...


I am a pragmatic, optimistic opportunist.

I believe in destiny, fortune, coincidence, synchronicity and serendipity.

I don't believe in luck.

I believe in order to discover something, I must be looking for it.

I believe in consequential life-moments.

More particularly, 

I believe in my consequential Life-Moments.


John Flatt

Nothing annoys  me more than hearing someone say,

"You're just so lucky".   Bullshit!

I think a lot of life boils down to opportunistic, pro-active decision-making.

Sure, life can throw nasties your way; I've shaken hands with death more than once. 

Thus, I've grown more determined to take every opportunity that comes my way.

I believe success grows from risk-taking, positivity, mistakes, "having-a-go"....

More than coincidence is about sharing consequential life-moments; those unlikely, highly improbable life-stories which defy logic and are so 'out-there' that one just has to ask, "What are the odds of that happening?"


While historic references make up the bulk of stories, it is hoped that an increasing number of contemporary life-moments will be shared by members of our community as I believe we all have stories to tell.


This site arose out of a cruise my wife and I recently enjoyed; one on which we met so many amazing people with incredible stories to share.


On one occasion whilst talking with fellow travellers, Gill and Joan, I mentioned that something was "more than just a coincidence".

Gill responded, "Hey! That's a great title for a book".

The line was thrown and I was hooked. 

Thanks, Gill!

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