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Exploring human improbability

Life is but a sampling of experiences ~ all with causes and consequences, 

And, usually, characterised by a logical linking between stimulii, responses and personal behaviors.

However, the impact of luck, haphazardness and chance does occur ~ with uncommon and startling frequency.

Have you ever experienced a unique life-moment where you had to ask, "What are the chances of that happening?" 

Do you have

an improbable story to share;

one regarding a totally out-there, 

consequential life-moment?

Your believe-it-or-not life-moments may relate to:

  • birth

  • education

  • employment

  • marriage

  • friendship

  • pets

  • travel

  • death...

Birth Stories

While planning, logicality and predictability

are key factors

in everyday stories of procreation,

there do occur instances which defy reason.

Do you have a birth-story which seemingly defies probability expectations?

There is a not-uncommon, all-too-familiar timeline and sequence underpinning

the who, why, where and when of weddings.

Occasionally, however, a hidden force, unbeknownst

to the key players,

impacts on this magic, life-changing event.

Do you have a wedding-story which was guided by some 'external' force?

Wedding Stories


We all love travelling.

A lot of planning, forethought and organisation goes into structuring travel plans and finances.

Notwithstanding this, however,

some of us do experience bizarre coincidences which are mind-blowing and totally unexpected.

Do you have a travel-story which involved

a 'what-are-the-odds' experience?

Relive that moment

your wonder, your amazement, your surprise... 

Share your experience...

Tell us about it... 

So, ...............?

Anchor 1

Have you had an unlikely,

highly improbable life-story ~ 

one which defied logic

and was so 'out-there'

you just had to ask,

"What are the odds

of that happening?"


Do you have evidence supporting your improbable life-story:~

birth certificate, press cutting,

eye-witness, diary entry, photos...


More importantly,

"Do you personally believe

the truth and accuracy

of your story?"



"This is my story and I'm sticking to it" . Detail any supportive documentation

and forward to More than coincidence....


Enter all contact details

in case we need

to contact you.

If your improbable Life-Moment is creditable, your story will be posted

on our What are the odds? blog.

And, thereafter, in the

"You may or may not believe this, but...."  Life-Moment collection...



where to now?

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